Annual Report

Annual Report

The Safeguarding Strategy is reviewed and reported on every year via the publication of an Annual Report. This is the key mechanism by which the Safeguarding Adults Board is held to account for the work it carries out. The HSAB Annual Report is shared with the chief executive and leader of the local authority, Police and Crime Commissioner and the Health and Wellbeing Board for the area.


HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup HSAB Annual Report 2018-2019


HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup HSAB Annual Report 2017-2018


HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup  HSAB Annual Report 2016-2017


HSAB Annual Report 2015-2016 


HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup   HSAB Annual Report 2014-15


HSAB Accountability Statement 2012-2014 (Publication Sept 2014)

HSAB Performance Summary 2012-14