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HSAB is supported in its work by a number of subgroups with each operating to terms of reference and an agreed work plan which focuses on the delivery of HSAB strategic objectives and priorities. Short term task and finish groups may also be set up to focus on the implementation of specific objectives or projects.

We run some of our subgroups jointly with the other neighbouring local Safeguarding Adults Boards where we share common priorities and objectives.

HSAB Business Subgroup

The Business Subgroup sets the agenda of Board meetings and monitors the implementation of the Board’s work programme ensuring this reflect HSAB business plan objectives and priorities.

HSAB Learning and Review Subgroup

The Learning and Review Subgroup has the remit of commissioning safeguarding adult reviews and other multi agency learning review activities in cases where there have been poor outcomes for service users to ensure that lessons are learned to improve partnership working.

icn_pdf HSAB Learning and Review Subgroup TOR March 2023

HSAB Quality Assurance Subgroup

The purpose of the HSAB Quality Assurance sub-group is to provide a tactical delivery group for the board, to ensure local safeguarding arrangements are operational and effective, and to assess whether best service is being provided or not in an objective and evidenced-based methodology

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup HSAB Quality Assurance Sub-Group TOR January 2024

Organisational Safeguarding Audit Tool

The Organisational Safeguarding Audit Tool is designed for use by HSAB partners organisations to check whether or not  their internal safeguarding arrangements are robust. Local services can audit their performance against a set of nationally agreed safeguarding standards and identify any aspects of their safeguarding arrangements in need of further development.

icn_doc 4LSAB Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Tool – November 2023

HSAB Stakeholder Subgroup

To promote awareness of safeguarding adults and to involve all key stakeholders in developing a strategy to promote the awareness of and prevention of abuse or neglect of adults at risk.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup HSAB Stakeholder Subgroup TOR – December 2023

4LSAB Hampshire & Isle of Wight Fire & Rescue Service Safety Development Group

A partnership led by the Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service, to ensure that fire safety risk management is embedded into partner working practices to reduce people being killed or seriously injured in fires.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup  4LSAB Fire Safety Development Group TOR April 2019

4LSAB Health Subgroup

The Health Subgroup brings together health representatives from local Health services (CCGs and all NHS Provider Health Trusts, Primary Care, Independent Hospitals and agencies), to develop a consistent response to HSAB strategic priorities across the Health sector.

icn_pdf 4LSAB Health Subgroup TOR April 2022

4LSAB Housing Subgroup

The overarching purpose of the 4LSAB Housing Subgroup is to safeguard and promote the welfare of vulnerable adults and to gain assurance that safeguarding arrangements are effective across the housing sector.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup HSAB Housing Subgroup TOR October 2022

4LSAB Policy Development Subgroup

To develop and implement policy, process and guidance in relation to safeguarding adults that will protect adults at risk over the age of 18 from harm and support partnership working and good practice across the 4LSAB area .

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup 4LSAB Policy Subgroup TOR Oct 2021

4LSAB System improvement and Learning Framework (SILF) Working Group

The SILF will use their shared understanding of the cases and local services and will use coding techniques to develop themes to articulate the underpinning ‘why’ reasons behind the more surface learning about ‘what happened’ in a case. The emerging learning can be used to support informed development of strategic priorities and plans by the Safeguarding Adult Boards.

4LSAB SILF Working Group TOR August 2023

4LSAB Coordination and Liaison Working Group

The role of the Coordination and Liaison Working Group is to identify areas of common interest and opportunities for joint working across the LSABs, including Family Approach work with the Local Safeguarding Children Boards, as well as providing an opportunity to coordinate and collaborate on any joint response agreed.

 4LSAB Coordination and Liaison Working Group TORs April 2021