Safeguarding Adult Reviews

This section contains links to local and national Safeguarding Adult Reviews, Serious Case Reviews, reports and inquiries (both historic and currentand aims to support the dissemination of the learning arising from these across Hampshire, and in doing so promote evidence based practice.

If you, or anyone you know,  are affected by the circumstances described in these reviews there are a number of recommended local services are available that can provide you with information as well as bereavement support.  A comprehensive directory is available at Connect to Support Hampshire.


Making a Referral for a Safeguarding Adult Review

If you wish to make a Multi Agency Review Referral to the Learning and Review Subgroup please use the form below:

icn_doc Safeguarding Adult Review Referral Form


Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board has produced guidance on conducting Safeguarding Adults Reviews . These are statutory reviews carried out when the Board knows or suspects that an adult with care and support needs, living in the Hampshire area, has died or has been significantly harmed as a result of abuse or neglect.  This guidance is designed to assist people when deciding whether to refer a case for consideration.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup HSAB Safeguarding Adult Review Policy and Toolkit (June 2020)


Hampshire SAB Safeguarding Adult Reviews

From April 2015, the Care Act introduced a new statutory duty to undertake safeguarding adult reviews (Section 44). This section contains safeguarding adult reviews undertaken by the HSAB and provides a summary of each case together with professional learning points.

icn_web Self-Neglect Thematic Review (March 2022)

icn_web Sam (March 2022)

icn_web Vicky (September 2021)

icn_web ‘Elizabeth’ (December 2020)

icn_web Ms E (April) (June 2020)

icn_web Ms D (Sasha) (May 2020) 

icn_web Mr C (December 2017)

icn_web Ms B (December 2015)

icn_web Mr A (June 2013)


National Safeguarding Adult Review Repository

SCIE and RiPfA have developed a repository of Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) reports with an aim to maximise the value of individual SARs through two different kinds of resource. One will support the quality of individual SARs and the other will enable more widespread and effective use of the learning from SARs. This will support a virtuous circle whereby as the quality of individual SARs goes up, it also supports their being used to better effect.

Information on the SAR repository can be found here:

icn_web  National Safeguarding Adult Review Repository


Learning from Experience Database

This section contains links to national Safeguarding Adult Reviews, Serious Case Reviews, reports and inquiries (both historic and currentand aims to support the dissemination of the learning arising from these across Hampshire and in doing so promote evidence based practice.

icn_web Learning from Experience Database



HSAB Multi Agency Reviews and Workshops

Where referrals to the HSAB do not meet the criteria for a Safeguarding Adult Review, but there is an opportunity for lessons to be learnt for multiple agencies, the Board can commission Multi Agency Reflective Workshops, Multi Agency Partnership Reviews or Discretionary Reviews.

This section provides the final report of these Reviews.

HSAB Multi Agency Workshops and Reviews


National Reports

This section provides links to a wide range of national reports highlighting learning and evidence based practice to inform policy and practice development across a range of adult social care issues.

National Reports


Learning from Tragedies

In 2017, 5,507 deaths in England were directly attributable to alcohol, an increase of 11% since 2006, while hospital admissions caused primarily by alcohol were 17% higher over the same period. The total number of hospital admissions for which alcohol was a factor was close to one million, or about 7% of all hospital admissions. Serious cuts to alcohol treatment services are making things worse, with many people in desperate need of support falling through the gaps.

Vulnerable adults are particularly at risk. They can be deeply affected by alcohol, whether as a heavy drinker themselves or as someone who is negatively affected by another person’s drinking.

This report covers an in-depth analysis of 11 Safeguarding Adult Reviews (SARs) published in England in 2017 in which alcohol was identified as being a significant factor in the person’s life and/or death.

Alcohol SARs front


Coroner Prevention of Future Deaths Reports

Paragraph 7 of Schedule 5, Coroners and Justice Act 2009, provides coroners with the duty to make reports to a person, organisation, local authority or government department or agency where the coroner believes that action should be taken to prevent future deaths.  This section provides a link all Prevent Future Deaths reports, formerly known as Rule 43 Reports made since 25 July 2013.

Coroner Prevention of Future Death Reports