PSAB publication of thematic safeguarding adults review following the deaths of Mr G, Mr H, Mr I and Mr J

The Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board has published a thematic safeguarding adults review into the deaths of Mr G, Mr H, Mr I and Mr J. The review report and a learning summary for professionals is available on the PSAB website here.


The chair of Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board, David Goosey, said:

“Today we have published an independent review into the deaths of four men who sadly died in Portsmouth in 2020. All four were homeless at the time of their deaths.

“None of the deaths were linked to abuse or neglect, but we identified that there had been a number of similar deaths at this time and chose to carry out a review to see what could be learned and to identify improvements in the way services in the city support homeless people.

“These four cases were chosen purely because they seemed representative.

“The review has highlighted the unprecedented challenges experienced by individuals and services at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020. It also has a number of recommendations. I am pleased to note that a great deal of work has already been done to improve outcomes for homeless people.

“These include:

  • the introduction of a healthcare team based in Portsmouth City Council’s homeless day service
  • strengthened links between housing and social care services, including a specialist council social worker based in the homeless service run by the Society of St James
  • homeless liaison officers from Two Saints based at Queen Alexandra Hospital, who support patients and visitors with housing issues
  • new housing and substance-misuse services. For instance, the council’s services for rough sleepers have been re-designed and now include three buildings, converted from student accommodation, which offer intensive, medium, and lower levels of support according to individual needs. Services work with people to help them move along a pathway into settled accommodation.

“The board and our partner agencies are also developing an action plan which will ensure that relevant learning is taken into account in the future provision of services for homeless people. We are also working on new guidance for staff and will be offering further training opportunities.

“On behalf of the Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board, I would like to express my sincere condolences to each of the families involved.”