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Helen (June 2023)

The Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) has today published a Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) into the circumstances surrounding the death of Helen.

Firstly, the HSAB would like to express its sincere condolences to Helen’s family for their loss. The HSAB would like to thank Helen’s family who shared their views to support the review process. The HSAB would also like to acknowledge the input from practitioners who were actively involved in the review process.

Sadly, Helen died in hospital in 2021 following a period of her health deteriorating. Helen’s family raised a safeguarding concern about Helen’s circumstances within her own home directly with hospital staff and again to the local authority. The HSAB identified concerns about how adequately these concerns were responded to.

The Safeguarding Adults Review into Helen’s death was undertaken to gain learning about how agencies responded to Helen’s circumstances and to identify learning to support positive change within the safeguarding system.

The key areas of systemic learning that are explored in the review include:

  • Barriers to effective communication of safeguarding concerns across agencies
  • Risk assessment and making safeguarding personal
  • Barriers to members of the public raising safeguarding concerns
  • Professional curiosity and identifying hidden harm

The agencies involved will now develop detailed action plans to address the areas of improvement identified. Progress will be reviewed and monitored by the Board.

Graham Allen

Hampshire Safeguarding Adult Board Chair.


PDF icon Helen Safeguarding Adult Review (June 2023)

PDF icon Helen SAR Learning Briefing 2023