Quality Assurance

Organisational Safeguarding Audit Tool

The Organisational Safeguarding Audit Tool is designed for use by HSAB partners organisations to check whether or not  their internal safeguarding arrangements are robust. Local services can audit their performance against a set of nationally agreed safeguarding standards and identify any aspects of their safeguarding arrangements in need of further development.

icn_doc 4LSAB Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Tool – March 2021

Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Action Plan

This template can be used by organisations to prioritise and address any areas for further development highlighted in their self audit.

Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Action Plan Template

HSAB Integrated Safeguarding Scorecard

The Integrated Safeguarding Scorecard gives an overview of the safeguarding work undertaken by local organisations in a number of key areas. This information is collated to provide the HSAB with an overview of safeguarding activity across its area in order to build up a realistic picture of the risk/harm experienced by local people with needs of care and support. The information gained is used by HSAB  to focus on the key policy and practice improvements needed to deliver improved outcomes for service users.

icn_doc 4LSAB Integrated Scorecard – August 2022 Template