Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance Framework

HSAB has developed a robust quality assurance framework to enable it to fulfil its remit of ensuring local safeguarding arrangements are effective and deliver the outcomes that people want. It is also the mechanism by which HSAB holds local agencies to account for their safeguarding work, including prevention and risk management.

HSAB Quality Assurance Framework March 2014

Organisational Safeguarding Audit Tool

The Organisational Safeguarding Audit Tool is designed for use by HSAB partners organisations to check whether or not  their internal safeguarding arrangements are robust. Local services can audit their performance against a set of nationally agreed safeguarding standards and identify any aspects of their safeguarding arrangements in need of further development.

icn_doc 4LSAB Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Tool – March 2021

Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Action Plan

This template can be used by organisations to prioritise and address any areas for further development highlighted in their self audit.

Organisational Safeguarding Self Audit Action Plan Template

HSAB Integrated Safeguarding Scorecard

The Integrated Safeguarding Scorecard gives an overview of the safeguarding work undertaken by local organisations in a number of key areas. This information is collated to provide the HSAB with an overview of safeguarding activity across its area in order to build up a realistic picture of the risk/harm experienced by local people with needs of care and support. The information gained is used by HSAB  to focus on the key policy and practice improvements needed to deliver improved outcomes for service users.

icn_doc 4LSAB Integrated Scorecard – May 2021

Peer Challenge and Reviews

The peer challenge for adults safeguarding is a constructive and supportive process with the central aims of helping local safeguarding adults boards to assess its current achievements identifying those areas where it could improve. It is not an inspection nor does it award any form of rating judgment or score. It is delivered from the position of a ‘critical friend’ to promote sector-led improvement.

Learning from Peer Reviews 2014

Learning and Review Framework

The Hampshire Safeguarding Adult Board believes that when service users experience poor outcomes it is important that all services reflect on the quality of their services both internally and collaboratively, so that they are able to learn from their practice and that of others in order to improve local safeguarding practice. This Framework is designed to support these processes.

HSAB Learning and Review Framework 2015

Safeguarding Adult Review Policy  and Toolkit

Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board has produced guidance on conducting Safeguarding Adults Reviews . These are statutory reviews carried out when the Board knows or suspects that an adult with care and support needs, living in the Hampshire area, has died or has been significantly harmed as a result of abuse or neglect.  This guidance is designed to assist people when deciding whether to refer a case for consideration.

HSAB Safeguarding Adult Review Policy and Toolkit (June 2020)