4LSAB Policy Update – Homelessness Housing Practitioner Briefing and Framework for Managing Risk and Safeguarding People Moving into Adulthood

We are please to share the links to both the Homelessness and Transitional Safeguarding Framework documents which are now both available from the HSAB website.


  • Homelessness – 4LSAB Housing Practitioner Briefing

This briefing has been produced within the context of Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR) recommendations which have highlighted the complexities of achieving effective engagement between professionals and people experiencing homelessness, where care and support needs may be present. It is aimed at raising awareness of the responsibilities of local housing authorities (district housing departments in Hampshire and the housing departments of the Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton unitary authorities) and social housing providers (often referred to as housing associations or Registered Providers of Social Housing) in the context of preventing and relieving homelessness. This briefing focuses on how partnerships can work together to reduce the risks for homeless people with a safeguarding need. This briefing should be used in conjunction with organisation’s own policies and procedures as well as the 4LSAB Multi-Agency Safeguarding Policy.

PDF icon 4LSAB housing practitioner briefing on Homelessness (hampshiresab.org.uk)


  • Framework for Managing Risk and Safeguarding People Moving into Adulthood

The Multi-Agency Framework for Managing Risk and Safeguarding People Moving into Adulthood has been developed as a collaboration between the Local Safeguarding Adult Boards (4LSAB) covering the Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Portsmouth, and Southampton (HIPS) area and is fully supported and endorsed by the Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships covering the HIPS area. The Framework aims to strengthen the safeguarding support available to young adults aged 18 years with pre-existing vulnerability and risk factors as they move into adulthood. It is recognised that safeguarding arrangements for young adults need to take account of their distinct safeguarding needs. This Framework is designed to enhance and build on existing safeguarding arrangements ensuring these are relevant to safeguarding at risk young people. The Framework it is designed to support effective partnership working and good practice in this complex and challenging area of safeguarding work.

PDF icon 4LSAB Multi-agency framework for managing risk and safeguarding people moving into adulthood (hampshiresab.org.uk)