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Publication of Pamela Ratsey Safeguarding Adults Review

The Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board has published a Safeguarding Adults Review of the case of Pamela Ratsey today.

The review report and a summary for professionals is available on the PSAB website here.


A statement from David Goosey, Chair of Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board:

“This review was commissioned following the tragic death of Pamela Ratsey after neglect at a residential care home in Portsmouth.

 “It concludes that health and care services did not work together as effectively as they should have done to address Pamela’s increasingly complex care needs and keep her safe from neglect.

 “The agencies involved have since reviewed their services and many improvements have already been made. An action plan is being organised to ensure key lessons are learned with the aim of preventing similar tragedies in future.

 “On behalf of the Portsmouth Safeguarding Adults Board, I would like to thank the family of Pamela for their active contributions to the review process and offer them the Board’s deepest sympathy.”


Please share the information about the review with your colleagues and encourage staff to read the summary and consider how they can incorporate the learning into their future practice.