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National Inclusion Week 2021

Today, 27th September 2021, first day of National Inclusion Week, Hampshire County Council has announced the launch of its new Inclusion Strategy.

The County Council believes that the more diverse and inclusive an organisation is, the more effective it can become.  For the County Council to deliver the best from its services, embracing inclusion and diversity must be among its core values and activities.  It believes its success comes from using its diversity to work together positively, to learn from each other, to share ideas and to build on each other’s experiences for the good of Hampshire residents and for its staff.

Its new Inclusion Strategy is now available to read online and in other formats, on request.

This strategy sets out the County Council’s ambitions and plans for greater inclusivity across all areas of its work, serving the people of Hampshire.

The strategy can be summed up by the acronym “INCLUDE”:

  • Continuously IMPROVE its systems and processes to support the diverse needs of its staff and service users.
  • Work with its NETWORKS and partners, both internally and externally to understand lived experiences and support improvements for the future.
  • Develop its CULTURE so that the lived experience of staff and service users aligns to its values and beliefs.
  • LEARN and develop, both in terms of new skills and new understanding, to better enable it to learn from its mistakes and improve things for the future.
  • Seek to UNDERSTAND the needs and experiences of those it employs and those it serves.
  • Use DATA-led insight to monitor its progress and to develop its systems and processes for the future.
  • Regularly ENGAGE both formally and informally with its staff and service users.

The County Council has a short animation available for you to view which aims to support its overall awareness and understanding of the “INCLUDE” acronym and what it means.


Inclusive Employers

Inclusive Employers can be contacted here: Contact Us ( Their website has all the resources you need to plan Inclusion Week in your organisation.  You can access these here: National Inclusion Week 2021 ToolkitInclusive Employers will also be developing new resources and so please check their website for new information as it becomes available.


Hampshire Libraries

How are libraries inclusive?

Libraries are a place for the community.  For all people, from all walks of life to come together to learn, read and have access to resources.  Libraries are a safe space where someone can visit without question, borrow books and so much more!

Libraries also hold stock that is inclusive to all.   They have audiobooks in CDplayaway and electronic format and its eAudiobooks can be slowed down or sped up to make sure everyone can enjoy them.

They have large print books, which are books with larger than average font and Quick Reads, books condensed into a few chapters with slightly larger font, making them perfect for those who struggle finding the time to read, struggle remembering long stories or just want a condensed version of a book.

HSAB Vicky Safeguarding Adults Review (SAR)

The Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board (HSAB) has today published a Safeguarding Adults Review that provides an insight into the circumstances of Vicky who lived with a difficult combination of challenges, having developed epilepsy when she was eighteen and later in later life developing mental health and substance misuse issues.  Vicky also became homeless towards the end of her life and very sadly Vicky died on her own, in Bed and Breakfast accommodation. Her death was not directly linked to abuse or neglect, but the HSAB felt that there were important areas of learning about how the local systems responded to Vicky’s circumstances and so this discretionary SAR was commissioned.


The key areas of systemic learning that are explored in the review include:


  • working with adults who are ambivalent about engaging with services,
  • managing safeguarding in situations of long-term chronic risk,
  • considering issues of mental capacity assessment and the value of multi-agency input to the assessment process,
  • the commissioning challenges related to providing support packages to homeless adults who are eligible for support and
  • the importance of effective communication between primary and secondary health teams particularly when an adult is needing to manage multiple issues such as mental health concerns and epilepsy.


The full report and Learning summary can be found here:

Vicky (September 2021) | Hampshire Safeguarding Adults Board (

Domestic Abuse training opportunities (free)

Please see the list below of free training opportunities provided by Public Health for professionals working in Hampshire.  The full list with learning objectives can be accessed on our Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership training web page: Training and events | Health and social care | Hampshire County Council (

Alternatively, click on the individual course link for more course detail and to book a place.  Please share with your networks accordingly:

For any questions please contact:

Jude Ruddock-Atcherley, Strategic Domestic Abuse Manager Public Health, Adults Health & Care, Hampshire County Council Email: