Monthly Archives: April 2020

Hampshire and Isle of Wight drug alert

Reports of separate incidences in Fareham and Gosport of drug overdoses and drug related deaths amongst opiate users have recently been raised.  The incidences relate to the use of heroin and crack. It is not known as this stage if this is as a result of a contaminated, adulterated or unusually strong drugs.

Local anecdotal reports suggest that the impact of COVID-19 could be potentially affecting the purity of available substances or influencing the amount people are taking by either buying more due to fears of a drought or perceptions of reduced strength/purity.

Please see further information in the poster attached below and circulate this information to relevant partners and service users.

SHIP Drug Alert Poster

Domestic Abuse – COVID-19 partnership and service information

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership has highlighted that domestic abuse is of increasing concern during the lockdown period of the current coronavirus crisis. It has created a dedicated page on its existing website to host this information:

Hampshire Domestic Abuse: Information and Updates

Links to this page have also been placed in a banner at the top of its usual homepage:

Hampshire Domestic Abuse