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Nutricia Recipe Book

Nutricia is the largest specialist medical nutrition company in Europe and specialises in the provision of advanced medical nutrition to assist people recovering from illness. They offer high quality feeds, systems and support services to patients, carers and healthcare professionals. In partnership with doctors, healthcare professionals and caregivers, they aim to make a difference in people’s lives by assisting them to get back on their feet after illness or surgery.

 icn_web Tasty recipes for people with dysphagia


Puree fruit molds

For many people the very thought of puree food conjures up images of meals that are shapeless, tasteless, nutritionally deficient and visually unpalatable.  Indeed, for many hospital patients and residents in aged care facilities around the world this scenario is all too real.

The following info puree food molds can help.

icn_web Puree Food Molds


Nourish Toolkit

Information about the smart Nourish Toolkit can be found here:

icn_web Nourish Toolkit