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Hate Crime – A guide for those affected

A guide has been created jointly by Tell MAMA and Community Security Trust regarding Hate Crime.

The guide’s focus is anti-Muslim hatred and antisemitism. Its advice can, and should, be used by anybody who has suffered any kind of hate crime, which can occur due to race, religion, sexuality, age, disability, gender or any other characteristic.



Financial Abuse and Scams: Guidance for Councillors, Directors, Managers and Social Work Practitioners

The NTS Scams Team are currently focussing on establishing a partnership with the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS) to engage at a national level to improve local partnerships and operational delivery. Helping to raise awareness of abuse and improve safeguarding practices, ADASS, in partnership with the Local Government Association, Adult Principal Social Worker Network and National Trading Standards, has published guidance on financial abuse and scams, for Directors and people working in social care.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup Top Tips – Financial Abuse and Scams


Using the Mental Capacity Act in the Community

Hounslow and Richmond Community Healthcare have created a guide for health and social care professionals and carers.


Using The Mental Capacity Act in the Community Booklet Using the Mental Capacity Act in the Community



Stop Loan Sharks: Illegal Money Lending

Over 310,000 households in the UK use illegal money lenders every year. Unauthorised lenders, or loan sharks as they are more commonly known in the UK operate a money lending business without permission from the Financial Conduct Authority and are acting illegally. The guide is to aid Health and Social Care Professionals.


Illegal Money Lending:

A guide for Health and Social Care Professionals




Fundraising Preference Service

In 2015, a Cross-Party Review of Fundraising Regulation recommended that a service should be set up for members of the public to control the nature and frequency of charity communications that they receive. The Fundraising Preference Service (FPS) has now been launched to ensure that people can easily manage these communications.

Further information and leaflets regarding the FPS and the link to their website are available below.

FPS Newsletter Charity External Communications

FPS Newsletter Charity Internal Communications

FPS Poster  FPS – Poster                        FPS Postcard  FPS Postcard

FPS Factsheet For Frontline StaffFPS Factsheet – Frontline StaffFPS Logo External Comms

Stakeholder 2017 Campaign – Financial Abuse

Financial Abuse Leaflet A5Financial Abuse Leaflet           hsab-financial-abuse-campaign-leaflet-high-contrast-page-002 Financial Abuse Leaflet High Contrast

hsab-financial-abuse-a4-poster-no1-page-001 Financial Abuse Poster 1        hsab-financial-abuse-a4-poster-no1-high-contrast-page-001 Financial Abuse Poster 1 High Contrast

hsab-financial-abuse-a4-poster-no-2-page-001 Financial Abuse Poster 2        hsab-financial-abuse-a4-poster-no-2-high-contrast-page-001 Financial Abuse Poster 2 High Contrast

Financial Abuse InfographicFinancial Abuse Infographic  Factsheet Financial Abuse Financial Abuse Factsheet



Alerters Guide

A quick guide for alerters/referrers who have disclosure or expression of concern.

Quick Guide for Alerters

 alerters-guide_1-page-001 Alerters Guide                           see-it-stop-it-support-us-page-001 See it, Stop it, Support us! Easy Read Version