PPIT (Priority Perpetrator Identification Tool) training- 7th Sept 17, Farnborough

Hayley Wright (Aurora New Dawn) and Emma Hazan (Hampton Trust) have very kindly agreed to deliver a workshop session on how to use the Priority Perpetrator Identification Tool on Thursday 7th September 2017, 9.30am – 4.30pm at Rushmoor Council Offices in Farnborough.

The PPIT tool is the identification tool used to ‘help practitioners identify a particular subset of offenders who are considered the most dangerous and therefore priorities for multi-agency management and monitoring’ (Robinson and Clancy, 2016) and was developed by Dr Amanda Robinson, Reader in Criminology at Cardiff University.

Details of the training are attached. Please could you contact Karen.Evans@communitysafetynh.org  if you would like to attend.

There is no charge for the training.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup Invitation PPIT training 2017