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Taywood House (Norfolk)

Taywood House was a residential care home in Great Yarmouth, which catered for approximately 14 residents, most of whom were funded by Norfolk Social Services. In August 2002 formal allegations of ill-treatment were made to the police and an investigation was commenced under inter-agency safeguarding procedures. During the investigation, it emerged that there may have been culpability for one or more deaths at the home and as a result, the investigation was escalated to become a major investigation (it should be noted that the investigation did not ultimately ascribe culpability for any death to any person).

In January 2003 a joint operation by Norfolk Constabulary, National Care Standards Commission and Social Services resulted in the arrest of the owners and the closure of the home as a result of the first successful application, nationally, to a Magistrates Court under s.20 Care Standards Act 2000. Whilst no charges were brought in relation to any deaths at the home the owners were prosecuted and in October 2004 they were convicted of the following offences:

  • Failure to conduct a business so as not to expose persons not in employment to risk. Section 3(1) and 33, Health and Safety at Work Act 1974
  • Ill-treatment or wilful neglect of persons who are mentally ill. Section 127(1) Mental Health Act 1983
  • Administration of a poison or noxious substance. Section 24 Offences Against the Persons Act 1861
  • Administering a medicinal product other than in accordance with the directions of an appropriate practitioner. Section 58(2)(b) and 67(2) Medicines Act 1968
  • One of the owners was sentenced to a term of 16 months imprisonment and the other to a term of 8 months imprisonment.

2006 Taywood Review Closing Report 31 3 06 Final