Monthly Archives: June 2018

Modern Slavery Protocol for Local Authorities

Please find links to the newly published Modern Slavery Protocol for Local Authorities in the Practice Guidance and Resource webpage. These resources have been produced to help improve the Local Authority’s response to human trafficking and modern slavery, in particular the identification and support offered to adult survivors. The guidance provides non-prescriptive steps to follow when a potential victim of human trafficking or modern slavery is identified. It should be adapted to each local authority’s internal structures.

Domestic Abuse Referral Pathway for NHS staff

The Hampshire Domestic Abuse Partnership has developed a Domestic Abuse Referral Pathway for NHS professionals. The guidance reflects the NICE DVA Pathway which recommends that trained staff in antenatal, postnatal, reproductive care, sexual health, alcohol or drug misuse, mental health, children’s and vulnerable adults’ services should ask service users whether they have experienced domestic violence and abuse as a routine part of good clinical practice, even where there are no indicators of such violence and abuse. The Board is asked to endorse the referral pathway.

HSAB - Report of the Workforce Subgroup dva-questions-and-pathway-final-07_03_18